Amanda Blankenship

amanda-blackenshipMy love/need for fitness has been a part of my life since my teens. In addition to practicing basketball and softball, I also knew the importance of physical training to improve performance. After ACL reconstruction, my love of lifting and cardio began. I worked at several gyms in college and later joined them to continue my journey. I also figured out that I could run a 5k and have completed many since and even a couple of half marathons. I’ve even participated in several Go Ruck events. However, the journey is not always upward, there are plateaus and self-motivation that sometimes creates a hurdle for me.

I joined GPS two years ago to help pull myself out of a rut and become a stronger me. It worked!

I still hit those rocky spots in the road, but Jen and the GPS staff keep me motivated and uplifted. I am stronger, happier and ready to help others with the caring team that makes GPS what it is today!