Kenny Martin

kenny-martinMy name is Kenny Martin. I am a very motivating and enthusiastic trainer for Get Phit Studios. I have been on a weight loss, Get Phit journey for the past two years. Six months ago, I started by training process for my certification process to become a personal trainer. I started this venture in my late 40’s so as not to go into my 50’s UNHEALTHY! I have been trained in MY eyes from one of the best trainers on the planet, Jen Hendershott! She has taught me patience, how to eat, how to stay motivated but arguably, she sets the tone for motivation on which I use today in my training classes.

“I want to get to the ‘disconnected’ people who think that they can’t do the ‘gym thing'”!

I didn’t think I could either. But, with guidance from not only Jen, but her valuable trainers she has at Get Phit! As I continue my journey, I’m hoping to be able to change hundreds of lives to the mindset of getting and staying healthy by means of Physical Fitness! One of my favorite quotes we use at the Studio is; Its not about finishing first, it’s just about finishing what you start.


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